I have lived in Suffolk all my life. I have spent the last 30 years in a tiny rural village where I am able to concentrate on getting close to wildlife both in the grassland meadows of my home and the rich agricultural land of the area.

I have always loved wildlife and the countryside and have worked as an Environmental scientist for over 40 years. Now my children have flown the nest and I have more time, I am out concentrating and enjoying my wildlife photography.

The main thing with wildlife is to know your subject, how far away can it see you, smell you, how it will react ? Also trying to predict its habits and movement in order to work out the best way to get close to the animal without disturbing its normal pattern of behaviour.

This is neither a glamorous or quick pursuit usually resulting in getting up at a silly time of day and spending many hours sitting in cold damp ditches or prickly hedges.

Although I love photographing all wildlife, the shy and secretive brown hares are a favourite but with their amazing eyesight and incredible burst of speed they are very difficult subjects to catch on camera.

No amount of expensive equipment will make up for good observation skills, endless patience and the ability to sit quietly in a ditch for hours.

I exhibit and sell my photographs in local galleries and have been sucessful in local and National competitions.

I do hope you enjoy my photographs.

© Frances Browne

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